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Custom Dental Prosthetics in spokane, wa

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At Denture Specialist, our name says it all. If your old dentures are giving you a hard time, visit us today for a new set of dental prosthetics. Consult our expert denturists at our denture clinics in Deer Park or Spokane, WA. Clients trust us because we have no hidden fees or engage in under-the-table transactions. Moreover, we conduct our business in a clean and relaxing environment.

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Don’t let issues like missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures keep you from living life to the fullest. The dentists of Denture Specialist expertly customize the dental prosthetics we make for your comfort and confidence. If you have any questions about our denturists or other important concerns, call either of our denture clinics at (509) 328-2117 (Spokane) or (509) 276-2722 (Deer Park).